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Heart-healthy recipes: Pico de gallo grilled chicken salad

Cook book laid on a kitchen table with two wooden spoons

The photo in this one is really all you need to want to make this delicious dish. With only 154 calories per serving, 25g of proten and 2g of fiber, this tasty meal is great for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. It also only has 148mg of sodium, making it a reasonable and healthy choice.

The best part of this recipe is that is calls for chicken tenderloins and you can get whatever brand is on sale. When it comes to buying your lettuce, remember the darker the greens, the healthier it will be. This recipe recommends green and red leaf lettuce.

Click the photo below for a quick how-to on making this awesome dish.

plate of pico de gallo grilled chicken salad with lime and cilantro

Get this Pico de Gallo Grilled Chicken Salad recipe here!

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