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Healthy Lifestyle Campus

Get active and get healthy with these free wellness features on our NMC Health Medical Center campus.

Walking over bridge on healthy lifestyle campus at nmc health medical center newton ks

Free community wellness

Take care of your health even if you’re not a patient. You can take advantage of our free Healthy Lifestyles Campus to promote wellness in our community.

At NMC Health, we have a vision to improve health. Not only should medical care be given to treat illnesses, but healthy living is important to overall wellness.

To fulfill our vision, we’ve created the Healthy Lifestyles Campus. At NMC Health Medical Center, we offer a collection of health and wellness opportunities.

NMC Healthy Lifestyle Campus Features

The NMC Healthy Lifestyles Campus includes several outdoor features such as:

  • FitTrail
  • Fishing Pond
  • LIFEpath
  • Wildflower Garden
  • Honeybee Hive
  • Sunflower Café

NMC FitTrail

Welcome to the next step of health at the NMC Healthy Lifestyle Campus – the NMC Health FitTrail!

Why is this important to NMC Health? The future of healthcare must advance beyond treating the ill to preventing illness through healthy living.

By developing this trail on the NMC Health Medical Center campus, we hope to inspire patients, visitors and families to live well with more outdoor physical activity.

Along the NMC Health FitTrail, you’ll experience 10 exercise stations. Use these stations to improve your full-body workout as you walk along the 2/3-mile trail.

  • Station 1 – Fitness facts, calf stretch
  • Station 2 – Hamstring and quad stretch
  • Station 3 – Bent knee hand, heartbeat check
  • Station 4 – Sit up, leg raise
  • Station 5 – Leg stretch, push ups
  • Station 6 – Body raise, reverse pull up
  • Station 7 – Balance walk, heartbeat check
  • Station 8 – Side bend, fitness facts
  • Station 9 – Hamstring pull, life and drop
  • Station 10 – Tension release

By adding in small exercises to your normal walking routine, we hope to promote health, wellness and healthy lifestyle habits.

The NMC Health Fit Trail was made possible through the hard work of several partnerships including NMC Health Medical Center, Health Ministries Clinic, the Harvey County Coalition for Wellness and a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

NMC Health Fishing Pond

Want to go fishing, but don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a fishing license? NMC Health is here for you!

You can come together to fishing the pond located right outside the NMC Health Medical Center. We love that we can provide a relaxing activity here on our Healthy Lifestyles Campus.

The pond is stocked with fish and open to the general public. It has an ADA-compliant fishing platform so families and individuals can enjoy fresh air and fresh fish without the need of a fishing license.

All you have to do is bring your own fishing pole, bait, lures and bobbers! Make a day of it with the family and enjoy the other elements of the NMC Healthy Lifestyles Campus.

young white child with baby catfish in hands fishing at nmc health medical center fishing pond

NMC Health LIFEPath

Welcome to the newest addition of the NMC Healthy Lifestyles Campus – the NMC Health LIFEpath. It was dedicated in August 2020. Former NMC Health Medical Center chaplain, Father Les Jackson and NMC Health’s Director of Case Management Jennifer Speer came together to create a path for people to experience spiritual health on campus.

With the theme of peace, hope, joy and love, the LIFEpath gives people a chance to pause and reflect on life.

As you begin your journey on the LIFEpath, pick up a brochure from the black mailbox. Here, you’ll find guided prayers and meditations to use as you walk along the path.

There are four benches along the path with stones that reflect the peace, hope, joy and love themes, along with a prayer or meditation to pair with it.

The NMC Health LIFEpath is free and open to the public.

Beautiful yellow wildflowers black eyed susans in front of Newton KS water tower at NMC Health Medical Center in Newton Ks photo credit Melisha Oakleaf-Wilson

NMC Health Wildflower & Butterfly Garden

Tucked behind the NMC Health Medical Center on the Healthy Lifestyles Campus is the Wildflower Garden & Butterfly Refuge.

This feature was planted in 2020 so patients, visitors and the community could enjoy the annual butterfly migration. Butterflies of all kinds are known to migrate through South Central Kansas as the temperatures begin to warm up, typically in the spring and late summer.

Monarchs should show up between late-August and early to mid-September.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Wildflower Garden in full bloom in the springtime.

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