NMC Health supports our communities

NMC Health is a proud supporter of the many communities we serve. We are committed to working with local organizations to improve health by providing opportunities and responding to the needs of our region.

One way NMC Health supports our community is through project/event sponsorships and charitable contributions. Sponsorship requests must be submitted online and are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the hospital’s Funding Committee.


Charitable contribution considerations are specific to the counties served by NMC Health:

  • Harvey County
  • Marion County
  • McPherson County
  • Reno County
  • Sedgwick County
  • Butler County

Preference is given to Harvey County and cities and towns defined in NMC Health’s primary market zip codes.

Funds requested must meet at least ONE of the follow criteria:

  1. Align with NMC Health’s mission, vision and values
  2. Address priority needs as outlined in the Community Health Needs Assessment
  3. Support local communities economically and socially

How to submit a request

Requests may be submitted at any time through the online sponsorship request form. Requests will not be accepted via mail or email.

Requests will be reviewed quarterly, following each application deadline. Organizations will be notified within four weeks on the success of their request.

Application deadlines – the first Friday of each calendar quarter


  • Friday, January 7
  • Friday, April 1
  • Friday, July 1
  • Friday, October 7


  • Friday, January 6
  • Friday, April 7
  • Friday, July 7
  • Friday, October 6

Guidelines and Limitations

Charitable contribution funding adheres to the following guidelines and limitations:
  • To be considered, all requests must be received via the online sponsorship form, by the quarterly sponsorship deadlines above (the first Friday of the calendar quarter)
  • Funding is only considered for tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations
  • Based on available funds, funding may be limited to one time per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) for each recipient organization. Submitting your annual request before the July deadline is highly recommended
  • Funding is NOT available for:
    • Programs, projects or events outside the communities served by the organization
    • Programs, projects or events already completed
    • Administrative or operational costs
    • Family foundations
    • Organizations acting as an intermediary source for another nonprofit
    • Individual fundraising
    • Individual elementary, middle and high school academic or extracurricular activities and clubs and sports teams. If funding is available, requests from school administration will be considered for the appropriate district-wide programs or events.
    • Yearbook ads
    • Community-based sports team ads
    • Membership fees or association fees
    • Political activity
    • Groups that discriminate on the basis of age, religion, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin
Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis, and there are no standing approvals for recurring events.