5 tests that can save your life

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When was the last time you went to see your family doctor? Have you been in for your yearly check-up or scheduled your well-visit for 2021? If you can’t remember […]

Coronary Calcium Scoring

heart model showing arteries, veins, chambers, aorta, valves all color coded

Find out your risk of having a heart attack with a coronary calcium scoring test at NMC Health. Schedule your test today!

Cardiac Rehab

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Cardiac rehab can greatly improve your quality of life after suffering a heart attack or heart condition. Find out how to enroll in the program here.

Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing

Siemens nuclear medicine machine that measures pressure of organs with small doses of radiation at NMC Health in Newton KS

Your cardiologist may refer you for cardiac nuclear stress testing. Find out what to expect during the minimally invasive procedure at NMC Health.

Cardiac Care

photo of inside a cardiac catherization cardiac cath lab at NMC Health Medical Center Newton KS Cardiac care newton ks

We’ve got heart here at NMC Health and expert cardiac care specialists who can monitor your heart health through cardiac catheterization and other cardiac services.

Get to know your cholesterol

Doctor using stethoscope on heart with afib line on heart

So, your doctor told you to pay close attention to your cholesterol because it’s a bit high. What does that mean? High cholesterol can put you at a greater risk […]