NMC Health is an award-winning medical care system focused on improving health throughout Newton, Kan., Harvey and surrounding counties. Featuring a 99-bed hospital located at the intersection of I-135 and Highway 50, and nine primary care and specialty clinics, NMC Health’s services and specialties include emergency medicine, surgical services, orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, home health and more.

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Woman Scratching Rash on Shoulder

When to See a Doctor About Your Rash

What should you do when your summer rash just won’t go away or causes you unnecessary discomfort? When should you see a doctor about your rash and when does a rash require emergency medical treatment? Read on to get answers.

How to Cope with Diabetes Burnout

Managing diabetes can be challenging and at times you may feel overwhelmed. When it feels like you have too much to deal with, you may be experiencing diabetes distress and burnout. Read on to learn how to manage these difficult situations.