NMC Health is an award-winning medical care system focused on improving health throughout Newton, Kan., Harvey and surrounding counties. Featuring a 99-bed hospital located at the intersection of I-135 and Highway 50, and nine primary care and specialty clinics, NMC Health’s services and specialties include emergency medicine, surgical services, orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, home health and more.

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wasp stings

When to See a Doctor About Your Sting

Stings are a summer experience no one wants to have. But when you spend more time outdoors during the warm weather months of June, July and August, your chances of being stung go up. When you unfortunately meet the business end of bee, NMC Health can give you the answers and relief you need to get back out there this summer.

tick on finger for bite blog header

When to See a Doctor About Your Animal or Bug Bite

As we spend more time outdoors this summer, we inevitably come into contact with wild and domestic bugs and animals that have the potential to get a bit nippy. Bug bites and animal bites can carry significant consequences if left untreated.