We’re here to serve you

The energetic men and women in blue vests are volunteers. They are members of the NMC Health Community Association. They are your friends and neighbors who provide special services and make a patient’s stay more pleasant.

Volunteers are a vital part of NMC Health and are here to meet patient needs.

They deliver patient mail and flowers and pick up meal menus.

Volunteers can also fill special requests, such as reading mail to a patient.

They serve as liaisons between surgery staff and family members by keeping the family informed of the progress in surgery.

Our friends also staff the front information desk and operate the Gift Shop.

All volunteers receive special orientation, including instructions on patient privacy.

If you are interested in being a part of this group of active and vibrant volunteers, please call us at 316-804-6113 or email HR@newtonmed.com.

Volunteer Chaplaincy Program

Do you feel a calling to volunteer in our chaplaincy program? NMC Health provides a unique opportunity for local and area clergy to serve patients and families at the hospital.

The members of our dedicated volunteer chaplaincy team choose one night per month of call-in availability. Volunteer chaplains are not asked to complete any clinical paperwork.

You will be asked to provide a ministry of presence and spiritual care for patients, families and/or staff as requested during your on-call schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering with our volunteer chaplaincy program, please call the hospital. We will provide you with an application form and schedule a free breakfast interview with the Pastoral Care Advisory Council.