Keys to Healthy Dining Out

Eating out at restaurants is a way of life for many people, but it can be a challenge if you are trying to eat healthy and control your blood sugar.  The problem is most restaurant foods are higher in fat, salt, and sugar than foods you would make at home.  You can go out to eat and still keep a healthy plate in mind, if just requires some extra planning and careful choices.  Tips for

A Patient’s Drive To Recover

Pattie Butler survived a serious spine injury. Hear her story and how the medical staff at NMC Health worked to save her.

A COVID-19 Survival Story

Brett Foster is a survivor. He battled COVID for months, requiring special care. His fight to stay alive is inspiring.

vaccine words in heart nurse hands

Enough is Enough: Why I Got Vaccinated

There have been enough COVID-19 deaths. Enough is enough. I got my COVID-19 vaccine because there are so many who didn’t get the chance. You have the chance. Get vaccinated.

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