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Opioid Safety & Pain Management

NMC Health is dedicated to helping end the opioid crisis by limiting the time patients are prescribed pain medicine.

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We have an ethical responsibility to relieve patient pain and suffering. This includes managing pain in a way that will not cause future harm to the patient or our community.

Keeping you safe

In the wake of continued concerns surrounding opioid use and abuse, NMC is committed to addressing the growing epidemic by focusing on three key factors: 

  • Reducing opioid usage
  • Improving monitoring and patient education
  • Encouraging alternative pain management efforts

Reducing Opioid Usage

NMC Health patients receive individualized care since each patient’s needs are different when it comes to pain management. Doctors and medical staff work one-on-one with patients to utilize opioids as sparingly as possible during inpatient care. Time-limited and total dosage-limited opioid use is a top priority for caregivers.

Medical staff utilize K-TRACS and other methods to screen for multi-prescriptions and/or multi-providers (including veterinarians), where patients may be obtaining prescribed opioids. K-TRACS is a prescription drug monitoring program led by the State of Kansas.

The prescribers may also consult with pharmacists and others to minimize over-prescribing.


Improving Monitoring & Patient Education

Opioid prescriptions for chronic pain sufferers in an outpatient setting are carefully controlled by the prescriber through a variety of strategies. These could include pain management contracts and tests to determine if the drug is being taken as prescribed.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) offers guidelines in how to manage opioid use and pain management medicine, and what questions to ask your doctor.

Encouraging Alternative Pain Management Methods

In addition to alternative pain methods encouraged for chronic pain sufferers, NMC Health offers a multi-modal pain management plan in its medical center and clinics. Medical staff utilize a wide array of medicines ranging from acetaminophen (Tylenol) to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, like Advil) to opioids supplemented with other comfort measures such as ice packs, re-positioning, movement and staff presence.

For additional resources like medicine disposal options, teen drug use facts, and tips for safe storage, use the links. 

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