Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

When you come to the hospital, excluding the birth of a child, you are coming to solve a health problem. Your expectations are to have excellent and compassionate care. What if your experience could help shape the overall patient care at NMC Health? 

PFAC was formed in 2016 to help bridge patient expectation and patient experience with real world input from people in our community. 

What is PFAC?

PFAC is an acronym for Patient and Family Advisory Council. At NMC Health, we are looking for people to help contribute towards making the experience at our hospital and clinics excellent. When you join PFAC, you can share helpful information about ways NMC Health can improve. You will also be a representative for patients and their families. 

Your insights can be as simple as aesthetics of the hospital to as complex as the interconnectivity NMC Health has with the community.

As part of the council, you will meet with NMC Health staff. You will be asked to share your experience in a truthful, helpful and kind way. Additionally, you are expected to ask questions. We ask you to think critically and respectfully as you present your ideas for improvement. 

Who can be a patient and family advisor?


You must keep information hears as an advisor confidential. 


You must have had an experience as a NMC Health patient or have had a family member hospitalized at NMC Health, within the past two years. 

Term Limits

You must be committed to serve a 3-year term. 

When are PFAC meetings and what are the time commitments?

The Patient and Family Advisory Council meets once a month to discuss events happening at the hospital and in our community. 

They happen at hospital on NMC Health’s campus on the third Thursday of the month and usually last one hour. 

Topics discussed cover all aspects of patient care and hospital operations. The goals of PFAC are to encourage conversations that cover a wide breadth of ideas. 

Goals and objectives

As a member of PFAC, you will be expected to do the following: 

  • Identify and share concerns you see or hear about
  • Advise staff on projects to improve patient and family care
  • Support staff and leaders by acting as a sounding board for new and existing programs and projects. 
  • Represent patients and families regarding their experiences at NMC Health and suggest ways to improve. 
  • Educate Staff about the patient and family mindset. 
  • Serve as a volunteer on other NMC Health committees according to your interest and availability
  • Evaluate the value of patient and family advisors at NMC Health. 

Find out more

If you are interested in joining PFAC or would like more information, please contact the Patient & Family Engagement Coordinator. 

Submit your request here or call 316.804.6159

Current PFAC Members

Sandy Banman

Casey Jacob

Advisor since 2016

Sandy Banman

Advisor since 2016

Karen Farrell

Advisor since 2016

Marge Roberson

Advisor since 2016

Hilda Conrade

Advisor since 2016

Ruth Spexarth

Advisor since 2016

Betty Vega

Advisor since 2016