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Family Birthing Center

We want to welcome you and your new addition to our Family Birthing Center! Find out what to expect when having a baby at NMC Health.

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Welcome to the Family Birthing Center at NMC Health, where families are born

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen NMC Health Family Birthing Center to welcome the newest addition to your family! Located inside the NMC Health Medical Center, our Family Birthing Center is equipped with large, comfortable, fully equipped birthing suites that will provide as smooth a labor, delivery and recovery as possible for mom, baby and support person.

You can make a pre-admission appointment to get a free tour of the secure unit. Get to know our compassionate nursing staff that will be with you every step of the way. With one-on-one care, our team offers the support you need when having a baby.

The Family Birthing Center at NMC Health and NMC Health Medical Center’s Laboratory Department were given the “All Around Best of the Best” award in Newborn Screening. NMC Health is just one of two hospitals to receive the award.

Having a baby soon? Get in touch!

We also offer Childbirth Education Classes for anyone wanting to learn about what to expect in childbirth.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or visit the NMC Health Medical Center Emergency Department.

Features at the Family Birthing Center at NMC Health

Pre-Admission Appointments at the Family Birthing Center

We want your birth experience to be one of the most memorable moments of your life and want to help prepare you for that day. Making an appointment to come to the Family Birthing Center 1-4 weeks before your anticipated birth is an important part of that preparation. You will sign consent forms, learn about procedures on our unit, get a tour of the secure facilities, and have an opportunity to ask questions. Knowing what to bring, where to go, and who to call can greatly relieve your anxieties!

We count it a privilege to care for you and share this special experience with you. Thank you for choosing the Family Birthing Center at NMC Health!

Ready for your pre-admission appointment at the NMC Health Family Birthing Center? Verify with your doctor that you will be delivering at the NMC Health, then give us a call at 316.804.6176.

Family Birthing Center Photos

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