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Patients & Visitors

New to NMC Health? Learn what to expect as a patient or a visitor with our patient and visitor resources.

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Welcome to NMC Health

Thank you for choosing NMC Health, where your health is our focus.

When you are at an NMC Health facility, we want you to feel welcome and cared for, even if you aren’t here for treatment. Whether you’re a patient or a visitor, our team of expert staff are here to safely serve you.

At NMC Health, we’re committed to keeping you safe and providing you the best health care in the region. We are dedicated to positive visitor and patient experiences and are devoted to extending that care through our entire health system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with anyone wearing an NMC Health badge. It is our goal to serve you by making you feel comfortable and protected while you’re in our facilities.

For patient or visitor resources, click on the boxes below.

Recognize an Employee

We love to hear when our staff goes above and beyond to take care of our patients, their families and our community. Share your positive experiences about our staff and learn more about how to recognize an employee for their hard work and dedication below.

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