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Sick day care for managing diabetes

young woman in bed wrapped in warm blanket holding a cup of warm liquid, possibly ill or sick

Having a sick day care plan is an essential part of successfully self-managing diabetes. Many people living with diabetes do not realize that special precautions need to be taken when they are sick. Any illness, injury, surgery or stressor will likely increase blood sugar levels.  If not treated promptly and properly, it may result in severe illness or even death.

The first step is always to have a plan. The CDC has a nice handout on managing sick days. It is basically a road map for things to consider long before getting ill. It is a good tool to discuss with your diabetes provider at your next appointment.

doctor helping person check blood sugar with glucose meter for diabetes management and endocrinology
Play Video about doctor helping person check blood sugar with glucose meter for diabetes management and endocrinology

Here is a summary of what will covered at this week’s Support Group meeting:

Making a sick day care plan including:

  • Supplies and food / fluids to have on hand
  • How much carbohydrate to eat or drink when you can’t eat meals
  • How often to check your blood sugar
  • Explaining what ketones are and how to do ketone testing
  • Why it is important to continue taking your diabetes medicine
  • How to stay hydrated
  • Knowing when to go to the emergency room

Covering the latest on Covid-19, influenza, pneumonia

  • Describing the symptoms of each illness
  • Knowing when to call your doctor or go to the emergency room
  • The importance of receiving vaccinations

Diabetes Support Group

October 14, 2021

Please feel free to join us for the Zoom meeting at 11 am on October 14, 2021. Click here for the link

If you would like to attend the in person meeting, please call our educators at 316.804.6147 to make a reservation.

NMC Health Diabetes Education offers you a fun and fear-reliving way to manage your diabetes. When you receive a diagnosis of diabetes, it can feel overwhelming, but with the right assistance it doesn’t have to be. 

Learn more about Diabetes Education at NMC Health. 

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