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Medicare Coverage

Medicare plans are not a one-size fits all. Get the facts before you enroll.

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Medicare Coverage

We know the annual Medicare process can be frustrating. During open enrollment (October 15 – December 7), you receive information on dozens of options.

How do you know which one is right for you? One thing to consider when enrolling for Medicare is which plans are accepted by your local healthcare provider.

At NMC Health, we accept Medicare and most supplemental plans (*see below), as well as, a variety of Advantage plans.

Unfortunately, not all supplemental or Advantage plans are accepted everywhere. This can mean higher out-of-pocket expenses for your hospital or other healthcare services.

Not to worry. Make sure you’re covered at NMC Health:

Our patient financial experts are happy to let you know if the plan you’re choosing is accepted at NMC Health.

This list does NOT include private insurance plans or Medicaid plans. Click here to view the list of private insurance and Medicaid plans accepted at NMC Health. 

Traditional Medicare is ACCEPTED at all NMC Health locations.

Medicare Advantage Plans:


✅ Aetna

✅ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

✅ Humana

✅ Kansas Superior Select (Kansas Health Advantage)

✅ Pyramid

✅ Secure Horizons

✅ Sunflower (Allwell)


❌ AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

❌ Ascension Complete Plans

❌ UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Plans

❌ UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

IMPORTANT: Applies to multiple HMO & PPO options. Check with your plan to see if out-of-network services are available at NMC Health. Higher out-of-pocket fees may apply.

*Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan 65 Select supplemental insurance is accepted for outpatient and emergency care only. Planned inpatient care is NOT covered at NMC Health by Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan 65 Select.

Not sure if a plan you're considering is accepted at NMC Health?

Call us at 316.804.6255. We CANNOT advise you on enrollment or which plan to choose, but we can confirm whether your plan is accepted at NMC Health.

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