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“It is the most rewarding thing that I can imagine.”

Working a hospital can be a rewarding job. You can see life brought into the world. You can save a life. You can make someone’s life better. And for Delynn W. at NMC Health, she loves it and here is why.

Delynn works in the Infusion Center, where she performs IV therapy. This can include routine injections, cancer treatments and other life saving medical treatments.

“We do outpatient infusions in my department. And so I get to see the same people day in, day out while they’re getting their therapies and things like that. So it’s nice to see the progression from the beginning of their treatment to the end of it,” Delynn said.

NMC Health is a place of healing but also a place of growth for our employees. Many times our staff grow their skill set. Some start at entry level positions and work their way up to senior positions. You can even see that with our CEO. Val Gleason is a nurse, and now one of the few women in a leadership position of a hospital.

Work at NMC Health

But you have to get your start. For DeLynn, she started to become fascinated with healthcare at a young age. Her family suffered from medical problems, so she saw first hand the impact quality healthcare can make on a person. It inspired her to help others.

“It is a noble profession. Not everyone has the grit or necessarily the tenacity to continue in this venue,” she said. “But it is absolutely the most rewarding thing that I can imagine. There are very few jobs where you get to witness the entire scope of life from birth all the way to death. And I couldn’t imagine choosing anything else looking back on my life in the last 22 years of being in this profession.”

So why did Delynn choose to work at NMC Health? It came down to the feel we have. NMC Health’s staff know each other by name; our patient-to-staff ratios are low so you can spend more time with your patients; and we have a responsive management team who listen to your concerns.

“I’ve done clinical roles in most of the major hospitals in Wichita, as well as working in another regional area hospital. And I would have to say, because Newton not just says they care about the staff, but they care about the staff,” DyLynn shared. “I feel like the community here in the Newton area are just true down to earth people. They’re very appreciative and they understand what kind of hard work that we do and that we are here to help them and for a purpose.”

If you are interested in job opportunities at NMC Health, check out our careers page or reach out to our HR department, and see what positions are coming open soon.  

Are you a student looking at a career in healthcare?

There are some classes and skills you can learn in primary school that will help you enter a career in healthcare. 

"We want to go home at the end of the night feeling that we made a difference in someone's life in a positive way. Any role in health care, you can leave with that feeling. That's something that makes it more than just a job."

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