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How a passion for helping others turned into an amazing career

Stephanie M. has always been the one to help people in need. So for her, becoming a nurse should have been a logical choice. It was much more than that. 

Becoming a nurse is usually a calling someone feels. To, give of yourself to help others is no small task. Case in point, the millions of healthcare professionals who have been on the frontlines battling COVID.

For some, the desire to work in healthcare starts at a young age. For others, it might feel like divine intervention; this was the case for Stephanie

“It’s actually not something that I planned on doing. My mom is a nurse. Both my aunts on that side are nurses, and it was something I never thought I’d be a part of,” she shared. “Then one day, I felt like God just smacked me upside the head and told me I need to be in nursing.”

“I’ve always been the person to take care of people and to want to care for them, make sure that they’re doing OK. And it just seemed like the right place to be for me.”

Stephanie started at NMC Health as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). It is often the first place you start in healthcare where you have direct contact with a patient.

NMC Health has several programs that can help people like Stephanie advance their career. In her case, she worked her way to becoming a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (RN BSN). 

“Going from CNA to RN and then continuing on to BSN with the help from NMC Health, I have moved up from medical to critical care to house supervisor…. I couldn’t have done it without my managers and my coworkers,” Stephanie said.

"My coworkers are my brothers and sisters. We're all very close."

“You always hear about, ‘oh, do we hire from within? Do you go higher up from within?’ And absolutely, this place does. And, managers are very, not only respectful, but encouraging in that aspect. They try to encourage you to grow more and to educate yourself more.”

Since her time at NMC Health, there has been more than career growth. Lifelong friendships and memories she will always be able to cherish of helping others.

“It feels like I did something. It feels like I gave them a reason to get better. That I gave them hope, and I helped physically heal them, mentally heal them, emotionally heal them and hopefully get them back home to their families.”

If you are looking at entering the healthcare field, or want to further your skill set in healthcare, contact NMC Health and see what opportunities await your future. 

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