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Having a child can be a joyful time, but every expecting parent is going to have questions. Our trained coaches and staff can help.

pregnant women sitting in a circle holding bellies during childbirth education class looking at documents and forms and learning about what to expect when you're pregnant

Childbirth Education Classes

Congratulations on this exciting next chapter in your family’s life! Whether this is your first baby or you’re adding to your crew, the beauty of childbirth can bring with it a lot of questions. We can help you know what to expect from your childbirth experience before, during and after delivery. We’re here to support your growing family with Childbirth Education Classes at the NMC Health Family Birthing Center.

Class Offerings

  • Prenatal nutrition and exercise information
  • Natural, epidural and cesarean birth plan
  • Labor positions and comfort interventions
  • Post-delivery care for mom and baby
  • Infant nutrition (breastfeeding and formula)
  • Safe sleep
  • Car seat safety


  • Families Delivering at NMC Health: $30
  • Families Not Delivering at NMC Health: $70

We recommend attending a Childbirth Education Class during your third trimester, but you can sign up for a virtual class at any time. Our virtual classes are structured to be completed at your own pace. We will provide an update when in-person classes resume.

You’ll also go on a tour of our Family Birthing Center so you can see where you’ll be welcoming the newest member of your family.

Enroll anytime in this one-day class. We recommend attending during your third trimester.
Classes are held on the first Saturday of the month from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a lunch break.


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