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NMC Health Recognized for Fragility Fracture Patient Care

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Newton Medical Center (NMC) is proud to announce that it has received 2018 Star Performer recognition from the American Orthopaedic Association’s (AOA) Own the Bone® program.

A broken bone, also known as an osteoporotic or fragility fracture, is a serious complication of osteoporosis and often the first sign that a person has the disease. Unfortunately, only about 20% of the nearly two million individuals who experience fragility fractures each year are tested or treated for osteoporosis.

NMC has taken steps to ensure its osteoporotic fracture patients receive the treatment and care they deserve by joining over 225 other health care institutions nationwide in the AOA’s Own the Bone quality improvement (QI) program. Through the Own the Bone program and its national web-based quality improvement registry, NMC has been provided with the tools to establish a fracture liaison service (FLS) and to document, track and benchmark care of fragility fracture patients. Through an FLS program, a care coordinator, such as a nurse or physician’s assistant, ensures that fragility fracture patients are identified, evaluated and treated.

“Newton Medical Center is committed to protecting and defending our patients and this community,” says Orthopaedic Surgeon and NMC Chief Medical Officer Charles Craig, MD. “Through the Own the Bone program, we are helping patients understand their risk for fractures and the steps they can take to prevent them.”

Own the Bone Star Performer designation is reserved only for institutions that have achieved a 75% compliance rate with at least five of the 10 Own the Bone prevention measures including: educating patients on the importance of Calcium and Vitamin D, physical activity, falls prevention, limiting alcohol intake and quitting smoking; recommending and initiating bone mineral density testing; discussing pharmacotherapy and treatment (when applicable); and providing written communication to the patient and their physician regarding specific risk factors and treatment recommendations.

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