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Right Care – Right Place

NMC Health ED Expansion

Providing the Right Care in the Right Place

Do you know?

• Suicide rates are the highest they’ve been in more than 80 years.

• Kansas is ranked as the worst state for mental health care.

• The U.S. averages a major hazardous chemical incident every other day.

NMC Health is endeavoring to address these growing needs by expanding its Emergency Department (ED).

• 15,000-17,000 patients are seen in NMC Health’s ED per year, and we serve as the centralized community agency for treatment of persons in psychiatric or substance use crisis.

• Nearly 1 in every 20 patients is seen for behavioral health, suicidal, and/or substance abuse concerns.

• NMC Health’s ED was not originally designed to support the 24-hour one-on-one care needed for behavioral health safety.

• Treatment rooms that are designed to reduce chances of elopement, self-harm, and violence are necessary.

• Behavioral health patients also need a more therapeutic space than regular treatment rooms.

• Higher volumes of medical emergencies are also being seen, sometimes causing longer waits. The additional treatment rooms can be used for medical emergencies when needed, expanding the ED capacity and reducing overcrowding.

Expanded Emergency Department


• New Ambulance Bay (Fully Enclosed)

• State-of-the-art Decontamination Room to care for our citizens, transportation workers, manufacturing workers, and first responders in case of a chemical accident


• Remodel the current Ambulance Bay into a specialized behavioral health emergency center with,

• 3 Behavioral Health Safe Rooms

• Dedicated nurse stations


• Redesign the ED entrance to better manage higher patient flows

• Enhance ED security for patients, employees, and law enforcement

PROJECT COST: $3.4 million
COMPLETION: Spring 2025

NMC Health ED Expansion Phase Plan

Kansas Tax Credit FAQs

Contact Patty Meier as soon as possible to make a pledge of support to NMC Health’s Emergency Department Expansion Project.

NMC Health will be applying for Kansas Community Service Tax Credits this March, and is eligible to receive up to $200,000 credits. Including your pledge letter with our application improves our tax credit award chances.

IMPORTANT: Requests to receive tax credits are usually quite competitive. If needed, please consult with your tax specialist as to the advantages tax credits or a donation may afford you. Submitting your pledge letter early will increase your chances to receive credits, if they are awarded to the project.

Tax credits are a way for a taxpayer to substantially reduce the cost of making a contribution to a charitable organization. When you donate to an organization eligible to offer state tax credits, the tax credit your receive for your contribution will reduce the total amount of taxes owed to the state.

No. You do not need to itemize to receive this credit.

Eligible donors receive a credit on their Kansas tax return equal to 50% of the amount contributed to the authorized charitable organization. (i.e. If you donate $1,000, you could receive a tax credit worth $500.)

These credits are refundable AND transferable. If you do not owe tax, you will be refunded the amount of the credit or you can transfer the tax credit to another eligible individual or business who does owe taxes.

Businesses and individuals subject to Kansas income tax, Kansas privilege tax or the premium tax or privilege fees imposed on insurance companies are eligible to receive a tax credit through this program.

Donations must be $250 or greater and the payment should come directly from either the business firm or the individual. There is no maximum donation.

Credits must be claimed in the year issued. Except for transfers, tax credits may not be carried forward.

To participate, contact:

Patty Meier, M.Ed | NMC Health, Grant Administration

For complete details visit: https://www.kansascommerce.gov/program/community-program/csp/

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