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Heart-healthy recipes: Savor the flavor of sweet & sour pork

sweet and sour pork with metal spoon on bowl

This dish is certainly better than stopping at your favorite fast food place, and has just a fraction of the sodium! Even if you’re on a heart-healthy diet and you’re looking to keep your salt in check, this delicious take on traditional Asian cuisine will have your family begging for more – and you can thank the American Heart Association for throwing this one together.

With only 339 calories per serving and 24g of protein, you’ll likely never want to order takeout again! This dish includes pork, pineapple, carrots and snow peas for a unique blend of flavors.

Click the image below for the recipe and directions. AHA also has a sweet and sour chicken version.

Plate of sweet and sour pork with side of rice

Get this Sweet and Sour Pork recipe here!

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