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wound care

gloved hands wrap foot of patient with wound dressing

What you Need to Know about Wound Care

gloved hands wrap foot of patient with wound dressing

Everyone gets scrapes and bruises every now and then. But what should you do when its more than a simple bump and your wound just will not heal? If you have sustained an injury that won’t go away, you might benefit from advanced wound healing or hyperbaric treatment. As the only UHMS Certified Facility in […]

NMC’s Specialized Care Team Treats Hard-to-Heal Wounds

doctor wrapping hand with bandage

Time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds, especially wounds left by accidents, burns, cancer treatments, diabetes and other conditions. But NMC Health’s Wound Care Team is here to help with innovative technology and dedication to patient care. Our superhero team is trained to use advanced wound healing with state-of-the-art wound healing treatments to help you return […]

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