What first-time dads can expect when it’s time to have a baby

Young white dad holding newborn baby over left shoulder as baby sleeps

As a first-time dad, do you know what to expect when it’s time for baby? Here’s a cheat sheet of what to expect when you’re expecting, and how to be the ultimate support for mom as she goes through early labor, active labor, delivery and recovery.

Why 60% of men won’t go to the doctor

man sitting on exam room table waiting for top five tests that could save your list screening, men's health screening

Find out why more than 60% of men would rather do household chores than go to the doctor. From the stigma of being weak to the taking their healthcare and wellness into their own hands, these reasons can wreak havoc on your overall health.

Enough is Enough: Why I Got Vaccinated

vaccine words in heart nurse hands

There have been enough COVID-19 deaths. Enough is enough. I got my COVID-19 vaccine because there are so many who didn’t get the chance. You have the chance. Get vaccinated.

Types of medicines to treat diabetes

diabetes medicine, pills, vitamins and other oral medicines, insulin in syringes, needles and the word diabetes in lettered beads

There are more than 50 types of medicines on the market to treat diabetes and help you manage the disease. Learn which one might work best for you here.