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Family Medicine
Age Groups Seen
Children (0-12 years)
Teenagers (13-18 years)
Adults (19-59)
Seniors (60+)

Dr. Christopher Stanley became a doctor because it was the most rewarding experience he could ever imagine.

“I’m blessed to be able to make meaningful contributions to the community I live in, but on a personal and individual level,” he said.

Dr. Stanley is a family medicine practitioner seeing patients at NMC Health Family Medicine in Hesston and North Amidon. He’s been there since 2019 after graduating medical school and completing the Wesley Family Medicine Residency program.

“Family medicine is one of those specialties that prides itself on its broach approach,” Dr. Stanley said. “I feel I provide a unique service to my patients by providing what I can under a unified approach that treats the whole patient.”

Having conversations with his patients about their lives, the happy times and the struggles is one of the most rewarding things about being a doctor in his local community.

Dr. Stanley loves getting to know his patients and catch a glimpse of their personal lives outside of their immediate medical needs. He says it better shapes their treatment plans and helps him learn from them and how they’re conquering their problems and difficult decisions.

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Stanley is raising two young boys with his wife. He enjoys biking, hiking, camping and listening to audiobooks. He’s a Goddard native, and currently lives in Newton.

Medical School
University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita

Wesley Family Medicine

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