Heart-Healthy Recipe: Low Carb Veggie Fried Rice Bowl

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Switch up your evening routine with a low carb veggie fried rice bowl made special in your home kitchen! This delicious meal is jam-packed with heart-healthy foods. You can even customize by adding your favorite vegetables. The catch though, is that the “rice” in this dish is actually riced cauliflower, making it even healthier. The […]

5 things to know about vaping

5 things you need to know about vaping man blowing smoke out of vape mod e-cigarette more addictive than cigarettes

Vaping can be even more addictive than smoking cigarettes. Find out the dangers of vaping and what it does to your body with these 5 things you need to know about vaping.

NMC Health Quality Report 2020

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We are pleased to share the Newton Medical Center Fiscal Year 2020 Quality and Patient Safety Annual Report with you. Our medical staff and employees share an interest in providing safe, high-quality care and exceptional service for every patient, every time. We look for ways PROTECT and DEFEND our patients and we aim to provide […]