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Why 60% of men won’t go to the doctor

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Some men will do nearly anything to avoid going to the doctor. A Cleveland Clinic study found that 72% of men would rather do household chores than see their primary care doctor. But why is that? Here are some reasons men have given for why they’d choose literally anything else before going to see their health provider.

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A lack of convenience

61% of the men from the Cleveland Clinic study said they would be more willing to make an annual check-up if going to the doctor was more convenient for them. They said it was more difficult for them to take time off work, and most doctors were not available outside of regular business hours. Many men prefer providers who offer virtual visits and even said they would participate in local health screening events if those were available.

If getting to the doctor is difficult for you, check with your provider to see if you can set up a virtual visit. It’s better to be able to have a conversation with your doctor to check-in on your health than to avoid seeking care at all.

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They were taught not to complain

When it comes to health, 41% of men say they were told as children that men aren’t supposed to complain about health issues. These men say that if they had something wrong with them, it would be a sign of weakness, and men are taught not to be weak.

“It’s time to get rid of the stigma that a man isn’t allowed to show weakness by admitting something might be wrong,” Dr. Eric Klein, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute said. “It could save his life.”

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A lack of health insurance

Some men who don’t regularly see their family doctor skip out on those yearly checkups due to lack of insurance coverage. It’s no secret the cost of medical care can be expensive, especially if you’re paying out of pocket.

Still, while four in five Americans have health insurance, about 25% of those who do didn’t go to the doctor last year. NMC Health can help with that. Through our partnership with MDsave, those who pay out of pocket are eligible for up to 60% in discounts for routine procedures and tests. Talk with your doctor about what screenings or tests you might need, and then visit our MDsave page to learn about how you can save money on medical care.

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They just don’t want to know

Some men who do make a point to see their family doctor may be not being completely honest about their symptoms, out of fear. 37% of men admitted to knowing something was wrong, but say they weren’t ready to face a diagnosis or treatment for it. The same group said they’d rather not know for sure that anything was wrong.

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It’s not just men

According to a Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare study, there’s room for improvement for both men and women. Only 8% of adults age 35 and older have received all of the recommended screenings and services. That means women too, can benefit from making an annual wellness appointment and asking the right questions to her doctor.

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Schedule your appointment

Even more scary, 1% of Americans say they’ve NEVER had a check-up in their life. Skipping out on important screenings and preventative care could greatly impact your overall health. Do yourself and your family a favor and make your yearly check-up right now. Touch base with your doctor and ask him or her what preventative tests you need to have. It could save your life.

If you’re searching for a primary care doctor, NMC Health has family medicine clinics in Hesston, Valley Center and Wichita. We’d love to have you join our practices so we can show you that your health is our focus.

Are you unsure of what to ask your doctor? Click to see the 5 tests that can save your life.

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