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Stings are a summer experience no one wants to have. But when you spend more time outdoors during the warm weather months of June, July and August, your chances of being stung go up.

When you unfortunately meet the business end of bee, NMC Health can give you the answers and relief you need to get back out there this summer. Our expert providers at our Family Medicine clinics in Wichita, Park City, Valley Center, and Hesston are experienced in getting to the source of your concern, answering your questions, and getting you the relief you need.

Appointments at family medicine clinics can take a little longer, so it’s recommended that you visit an Immediate Care clinic if you need to be seen within 48 hours. NMC Health | Immediate Care in Newton is open 24/7 to help you receive care any day of the week. Walk-ins are welcome and you can even check-in online to see wait times and get in line before you come in. We have the tools and knowledge to help patients 6 months and older and with a wide range of health needs, so you know you’re in the best hands when you are in our care.

For the most extreme cases, a trip to the Emergency Room may be necessary to help you recover from your severe health need. The Emergency Department at NMC Health Medical Center is ready to serve Newton and the surrounding communities to get you the emergency care you need and get you back on your feet.

Now that you know where to go when you lose a sword fight with a hornet, here is when to go to the doctor to treat your sting.

What is a Sting and Why Can They Be a Problem?

Stings are a common occurrence for anyone who spends a lot of time outside. Stings are used by some insects to defend themselves and their homes when they feel threatened.

As you get outside, you are likely to come into contact with a stinging creature, increasing your chances of getting stung. Most of the time, a sting is accompanied by pain, itching and/or swelling around the location of the sting.

When to See a Family Medicine or Immediate Care Clinic About Your Sting

When the pain, itching, and swelling from your sting spreads away from the point where the sting occurred, you may be experiencing a more serious allergic reaction or an infection that could require medical attention.

Immediate Care clinics are a great option for those who need to be seen fast, but don’t feel a trip to the ER is needed. While family medicine clinics are knowledgeable and equipped to help patients with their sting concerns, the wait times to be seen often lead family medicine clinics to direct sting patients to a nearby immediate care clinic to be seen as quickly as possible.

When to Visit an Emergency Room for Your Sting

The signs of an emergency due to a sting are the same as if you were to have an emergency from a bite. The symptoms you should be on the look out for to know when to go to the emergency room for your sting are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • The sensation that your throat is closing
  • Swollen lips, tongue, or face
  • Chest pain
  • A racing heartbeat that lasts more than a few minutes

These symptoms are indicative of an extreme allergic reaction that could threaten your life. Getting seen by a medical professional as soon as possible is crucial to preventing your sting emergency from reaching life-threatening levels.

Get Answers. Get Relief. Get Back Out There!

When you’ve been stung and your sting site is not responding to treatment or you feel you are having a reaction, it’s important to see a doctor!

If you or someone you know are having a medical emergency, call 911. You can get directions and learn more about the Emergency Department at NMC Health | Medical Center here.


Need to be seen fast, but your sting doesn’t fit the bill for a trip to the ER? Get relief without the wait at NMC Health | Immediate Care in Newton! See wait times and check in online by clicking the button below.

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