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Terri Monarez: LIFE Award Recipient

Terri Monarez - LIFE Award Winner

By Shelly Conrady

I spent five minutes with our newest LIFE Award winner while taking pictures, and I can tell you that it is a well-deserved recognition.

NMC Health’s newest LIFE (Living It Fully Everyday) Award winner is Terri Monarez, who has served our community and patients behind the scenes for nearly 42 years.

As our Linen Services Supervisor, Terri leads her team and makes miracles happen every day. Clocking in an estimated 12 miles of walking each day, Terri ensures soiled linens are properly/safely removed, clean linens are in place ready for use, and approximately 1200 lbs of laundry is getting processed.

Whew!!! I’ll never complain about my weekend laundry duties again… and that’s just part of what she makes happen.

Clean linens are one of the first lines of defense when it comes to keeping patients safe from infection in our hospital and surgery center.

But you know what? Bedding is also a place where personal items get lost, and “eagle eye” Monarez is on the lookout. She’s also on the lookout for ways to improve services and save money. Way to go, Terri!

She says her goal is to “keep everyone happy.”

Well, we think… we KNOW… she does so much more.

She was nominated by an anonymous co-worker who had this to say, “Terry is a co-worker that is deserving of the Life Award. She works hard fulfilling laundry orders, moving bags of laundry, and walking many miles pushing all that laundry around!”

“She is an outgoing person and greets everyone on our unit. She takes her job seriously and is dedicated to doing it correctly. If she sees a problem, she speaks up. If we misplace a patient clothing item, she will work to help locate the missing item.”

“She is diligent in helping keep track of our lift slings. Sending a sling to our outside laundry vendor can result in it never coming back and those slings aren’t cheap! She has saved our hospital many dollars with her diligence. More recently, she has had to do laundry in our stackable washer and dryer due to an issue with the big washing machine. I can only imagine how much more work that has been for her and the laundry crew. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!”

Yes. Thank you, Terri!

You’re a superstar in our eyes. Congratulations!!!

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