Healthy ways to cope with stress

hispanic girl smiles and sits in indian style yoga pose with namaste hands

COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lives. But there are many day-to-day stressors that will impact our lives, regardless of the pandemic. Still, there is a fear of sickness. Stress from having a hard time finding a job, paying bills or keeping to a daily routine. Others suffer from being isolated or feeling disconnected. […]

Sleep 101: A guide to how missing zzz’s can affect your health

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Do you feel like your day is hustling and bustling and you’re never getting enough sleep? You’re not alone. Many adults in the U.S. are in the same boat. Whether it’s being tethered to our cell phones or having the bad habit of falling asleep while binge-watching Netflix, our quality of sleep has steadily declined […]

How to kick the habit: Stress – is it hurting my heart?

Men in white shirt having chest pain - heart attack - heartbeat line

We hear so much about stress these days. The American Institute of Stress defines it as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.” I’ve noticed it’s generally discussed in a negative context. But I’d argue there is a distinct difference between everyday stress and distress.