NMC Health Named A Top American Emergency Hospital

MC Health has been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care by the Women’s Choice Award©, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare. The award signifies that NMC Health’s Medical Center is in the top 9% of 4,728 U.S. hospitals offering emergency care services.

Medical Tips For Winter

Hurting yourself during winter time can be stressing on your body. If you fall outdoors and cannot get back up, you may be stuck outdoors in the cold until help arrives. When old man winter starts to cause issue, there are some easy ways to keep you from having to venture outdoors.

Is your child’s car seat safe? Chances are it isn’t

Car seats significantly increase your child’s ability to survive a car crash. When poorly installed, these safety devices are less effective and your child’s life my be in jeopardy. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Transportation Association (NHTSA) found that 82% of all children’s car seats were not used correctly. Common Installation Problems There are […]

Don’t skip out on medical care because of COVID-19

Elderly woman looking at camera with pink carnations in the background

COVID-19 has made for some uncertain times in our country and throughout the world, and many have avoided going to the doctor, the emergency room or urgent care clinics for fear of contracting the virus. But don’t worry – we have your back. Newton Medical Center is committed to keeping our patients, your families and […]