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Senior woman with her elder care nurse

7 Signs your Forgetful Loved One May Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior woman with her elder care nurse

Your parent or loved one isn’t acting normal. They’re becoming distant and forgetful. Is it Alzheimer’s or just part of aging? Alzheimer’s disease can be scary for both the person losing their memory and the family members who are seeing their loved one struggle with the disease. Many think it’s just a part of aging […]

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

white senior woman with family and white doctor showing her brain scan talking about Alzheimer's and dementia care memory care

We’re here to help your loved one with dementia or mental illness achieve optimum health through observation, diagnosis, treatment, memory care activities and personal care. Call us for a pre-screening!

How to recognize the signs of Alzheimer’s

Elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing home

Alzheimer’s can be a scary topic to discuss, especially if you think you or a loved one might be experiencing signs of memory loss or other symptoms related to the disease. It’s a progressive disease that may manifest itself with a few symptoms for years and gradually become more serious. There is currently no cure […]

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