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NMC Supervisor Creates Healing Environment at Care Home

Nancy Stucky trimming flowers

Nancy is the laboratory information supervisor at NMC and has been volunteering in Goessel for twenty years. Specifically, Nancy volunteers at the Butterfly Garden at Bethesda Home. As a member of the Town and Country Club (the club that started the garden), Nancy coordinates the garden’s upkeep. She, and other members, take care of the weeding, deadheading, trimming and transplanting. Occasionally, Nancy will get to redesign some areas of the garden, but because of her work, something new is blooming every day, from spring through fall.

Nancy’s work creates an environment that enriches the lives of those who live at, and visit, Bethesda Home. Many residents look forward to spending time outdoors, and will walk through the garden several times a day. “One staff member told me that she would bring a particular resident out to the gazebo when the resident was having a rough day,” says Nancy. “This garden provides a place for residents, their families and staff to get out and enjoy nature. My reward is that people come to the garden and enjoy the beauty as much as I do.”

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