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A supervisor in NMC’s food and nutrition services department, Jason (pictured on the right) first felt the call to do mission work in 2010, but couldn’t find the right program for him. He wanted to help those that weren’t the first thought in people’s minds when they heard the words ‘mission work’. After praying with his pastor, it wasn’t until the passing of his mom in August 2011 that Jason found his calling. After the funeral, Jason and his family gathered in his mother’s home where they reminisced and caught up on each other’s lives. His cousin spoke of how she just returned from iYouth Camp. iYouth serves international youth who are sometimes isolated, uprooted from familiar settings and replanted in a foreign country with language, culture and customs they don’t understand. After hearing about her work, Jason felt a spark and knew God was telling him that was where he was needed. After six months of preparation, Jason traveled to Subiaco, Italy in July 2012. “On the first day of camp, as I was working with the teens, I felt a confirmation from the Lord that this was my calling,” said Jason. “So now, every summer, I travel to Europe with an iYouth Camp team. Over the past six years, I’ve served in Austria, Italy and Germany.”

Just this summer, Jason returned from a mission trip in Gersfeld, Germany. As a volunteer, Jason serves as a youth leader and mentor, as well as helps with security and safety measures. “From morning devotions to one-on-one mentoring, my favorite experiences involve watching the teens’ lives change and see them become filled with the Holy Spirit,” said Jason.

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