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Newton Police Department and Newton Medical Center have formed a partnership to enhance safety on the hospital campus.

The hospital has established a satellite office for Newton Police near the Emergency Entrance. With extra activity in that area during overnight hours, hospital officials have been looking for ways to enhance the safety of patients and staff with a visible law enforcement presence.

Officers will not staff the office full-time but will be able to use it to write reports and do other paperwork, especially after business hours. Officers will continue to conduct regular patrols and other duties throughout town.

“The hospital campus is a high-traffic area, and our officers are there often, interacting with staff and the public,” Police Chief Eric Murphy said. “This partnership will formalize the relationship as well as establishing a work station for our staff on the south side of town, which will be a benefit to us.”

Newton Medical Center President and CEO Val Gleason said the hospital is grateful for the positive relationship it has with local law enforcement, including Newton Police Department.

“We are delighted to offer our hard-working officers with a place to complete their required paperwork or to just have some privacy as they work with us on various issues and concerns,” Gleason said. “It is our distinct privilege to host the Newton Police Department within our facility.”

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