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NMC Employee Shares Love for Animals with Local Community

Marianne, a quality specialist at NMC, has been volunteering with Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton since 2016. Together with her husband, she works with stray cats through the Community Cat Alteration Management (CAMP) program. Through this program, Marianne helps utilize trap-neuter-return, a humane process that helps control the population of stray cats. “It hurts my heart to see stray, uncared for feral cats in our community.

Before this program, the solutions involved euthanizing them or destroying their habitats,” said Marianne. While Marianne assists in the trapping and releasing of cats, she also goes door-to-door on behalf of Caring Hands, educating citizens on CAMP. She loves the fact that these cats are released back to their ‘homes’ at the end of the process.

“This work helps to keep Caring Hands Humane Society a no-kill shelter,” said Marianne. “Newton can be proud of the work Caring Hands does in controlling the stray cat population, and it takes the whole community to make it work – I’m glad to be part of the process.” Marianne and her husband also foster cats for Caring Hands, and she said, “It’s a fantastic experience! We have had several kittens and what is not to love?”

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