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Nurse Tech Program

Become a Nurse Tech

Congratulations on your pursuit of a career in nursing! As a nursing student you are entering a passionate and fulfilling life path full of incredible memories and experiences. We want you to start that path at NMC Health.

The NMC Health Nurse Tech Program is designed to give nursing students the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and practice it in a real-world hospital.

Read on to learn more about your role as a Nurse Tech then apply to join our team!

What is a Nurse Tech?

A Nurse Technician or Nurse Tech at NMC Health works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). You’ll provide quality care focused on the comfort and well-being of patients and their families.

Your role as a Nurse Tech will change as you continue on your path to becoming an RN or LPN. As your knowledge and abilities grow, you will be able to practice your newly developed skills every day.

What does a Nurse Tech do?

As a Nurse Tech you will practice many tasks utilized as an RN or LPN, including:

  • Providing basic patient care
  • Identifying changes in patients’ status
  • Assisting the RN staff with medical procedures
  • Observing how experienced medical staff approach a patient health need
  • Utilizing proper PPE for standard, droplet and airborne precautions
  • Performing supervised advanced tasks in accordance with learned skills

How Being a Nurse Tech Benefits You

In addition to the real-world experience you’ll gain during your time at NMC Health, there are several benefits to participating in the Nurse Tech program, including:

Fast Track to Employment

Nurse Techs are an important part of our nursing staff. When you graduate and are a full-fledge RN or LPN, our Nurse Techs are the first we consider for employment at NMC Health.

Thanks to your experience as one of our Nurse Techs, we know you already have the skills and knowledge to excel as an RN.

Scholarship Assistance

As an NMC Health employee, you are eligible for sponsorship if you apply for the Kansas Board of Regents Scholarship. This means NMC Health helps pay for you to go to school and commits to hiring you when you receive your RN or LPN license!

Where do Nurse Techs Work?

Not sure which specialty you want to go into after graduation? Our Nurse Techs have the chance to work in a variety of NMC Health nursing units throughout our hospital:

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Emergency
  • Intensive Care
  • Peri-Operative
  • Operating Rooms
  • Labor & Delivery


Our Nurse Tech program’s flexibility allows you to discover your passions within the field of nursing so you can unlock your fullest potential.

Who is Eligible to be a Nurse Tech?

You are eligible to join our program if you meet the following criteria:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited RN or LPN program
  • Successfully completed one clinical nursing semester
  • GPA is above 3.0 and you have not received a “D” grade or lower


Interested in becoming a Nurse Tech? Apply now!

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