Educational Resources For Students and Teachers

Do you want a job where every day is different and every day matters? Healthcare may be your calling. 

A career in medicine is fulfilling and empowering. You will help people who are sick feel better. You will be their advocate and protector. 

Working in a hospital or medical office doesn’t mean you have to be a doctor of a nurse. There are career paths in IT, accounting, culinary arts, marketing, environmental services and many more. 

If you are looking for internship and job shadowing opportunities, click here to contact us. 


Request a guest speaker to present healthcare career options to your students.

NMC Health has a staff of healthcare heroes ready to share the benefits of working in medicine. We believe in the community we serve and give back when we can. If you are interested in having a speaker from NMC Health come to your class to give a presentation, we have doctors, nurses, physical therapists, IT professionals, accountants, chefs, social workers, accountants, marketers and administrators ready to share benefits of working in the healthcare sector. 

"This Is My Why"

Why do you want to be a nurse? A doctor? Because you are helping people in need. For many, working in the medical field is a calling, one with great reward. Hear from NMC Health staff about what they enjoy about healthcare and helping others.