Family Medicine
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Children (0-12 years)
Teenagers (13-18 years)
Adults (19-59 years)
Seniors (60+)

To help patients through all stages and all struggles is the driving motivation for physician assistant Shannon Pierce.

Shannon is a graduate of the University of Florida and specializes in women’s health and pediatrics.

“I wanting to walk with people through good times and bad times.”

Her husband is a doctor at NMC Health and they work at the same clinic in Wichita, Family Medicine North Amidon. They both have volunteered their medical expertise, once traveling to southeast Asia. During her time there, she helped with the Rohingya refugee crisis. The experience fueled her excitement to volunteer further when she returned and has spent time at a refugee clinic in Wichita.

In her spare time, Shannon enjoys time in the kitchen and raises seven pet chickens and one cat. One of her most adventurous moments was skydiving over the Mexico/California border.

Medical Education
University of Florida


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